Desktop Holder Stand for Tablet iPad Mini Pro Air Mobile Phone Shoot Video Live Streaming Youtube Tiktok Zoom Meeting

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Product Features:

  • for Facetime video-call Zoom meeting live streaming vlogging: We are now stepping into an era of home-officing and video meeting. Get yourself a professional tablet holder for them. Free your hands during facetime or Zoom meeting, allowing you to do presentations and hand gestures with ease.
  • for Entertainment: Watch video tutorials while practicing yoga, learn cooking, or just want to watch a movie on the couch, it is portable.
  • For Duo-Screen Set-up:Set the mobile phone or tablet at your comfortable eye level and make your device the second screen. Be more productive with a dual-screen set-up on your desk and free yourself from distraction.
  • Extremely Stable Round Base: ABS Plastic Round Base (Built-in a metal block)

  • Highly Adjustable Long Arm: The maximum height is 40 cm. You would be pleased by the liberty to adapt to various countertops and workbenches. The long arm with three knobs to adjust height and angle, and one universal joint ball to rotate 360 degrees, Support to turn to vertical and horizon.

  • Wide Clip: The clip width is 4.5 inches to 8 inch (11.5cm to 20.2cm) , It compatible with including iPhones, Samsung Phones, Xiaomi, iPad mini, iPad 2019 iPad Air iPad Pro 11 inch etc.

  • Particularly designed for continuous power supply.


Product Specifications:

Material: Aluminum Alloy Long Arm & ABS Plastic Round Base (Built-in a metal block) & ABS Plastic Clip.
Product weight: 1000g
Maximum Height: 40cm
Clip width: 4.5 inches to 8 inch (11.5cm to 20.2cm)
Compatible devices: for iPad Mini Air Pro 11 inch
Bottom arm length: 21cm
Upper arm length: 13cm
Diameter of round base: 25cm
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