Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

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Product Descriptions: 

Lightweight and portable adapter for connecting a Mini DisplayPort (Mini DP or mDP) compatible computer to an HDTV, monitor, or projector with HDMI; A separate HDMI cable is required.
• Compatible with almost all of the displays, TVs, projectors and many more. Plug and play, no need to install the driver, easy to use.
• High-Quality connectors resist corrosion, provide rigidity, and improve signal performance. Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter connector does not block adjacent ports on your computer, has molded strain-relief for long life, and has ergonomically designed treads for easy plugging and unplugging.
• Take full advantage of your technology and watch all the content from Mac in high definition on a bigger screen. It offers solutions for the digital entertainment center, HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD, and Projector factory, noise space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.
• 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Great Value for Your Money.
The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter maximizes portability with a compact, lightweight design, making it the perfect travel accessory to carry with your MacBook, MacBook Pro fitting easily into your laptop bag or carrying case.

Specification & Features:

• Provides fast signal transfer
• Connections: HDMI, Mini DisplayPort
• Converter Mini DP from Mac to HDMI
• The adaptor has a subtle white design
• Input/Output Cable Type: Display cable
• Adapts a Mini Display Port to HDMI input
• Enables connection to devices with an HDMI input
• Ideal for connecting laptops or tablets to an HDTV
• To ensure you have the right connections for your computer
• Compatible with most computers with a mini DisplayPort output

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