Tablet Mount Holder for Tablets and Phones

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  • 【Statement:】Kindly note that this item is suitable for viewing or reading only. It will shake quite a bit and make you uncomfortable if you need to touch or tap the device frequently. However it is inevitable due to some law of physics.
  • 【Using Tips】1.When holding a heavy tablet larger than 8 inch, loop the gooseneck into a circle shape or bend it into “S” shape which could provide some more stability. 2.Bend using two hands and bend just the gooseneck when adjusting the position because it is stiff. Pull the device violently to adjust may broke the nut. 3.Also, don't overtighten the base clamp too much so it won't break easily.
  • 【Reinforced Bolt Clamp Base:】Reinforced and thickened base. Won’t break easily. Fit for 3 inches(75mm) thickness countertop or headboard.
  • 【Flexible Stiffened Arm:】Made of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy, stiffened material, very sturdy and flexible.
  • 【Compatibility:】Suitable for Apple iPhone iPad or other Android Devices from 4 to 10.6 inches.


  • Nintendo Switch owner’s favorite: Great for enjoying Switch games in bed or on sofa, free your hands from tiredness, especially when lying.

  • Good partner in Kitchen: When learning cooking through video teaching, cooperate with this gooseneck holder is perfect. Don’t worry about soiling the smart phones.

  • Improve efficiency: The tablet mount could keep your tablet in the air as a secondary screen. You could adjust it to the best viewing angle to free your hands and start working or studying.

  • Watching videos comfortably: With the gooseneck holder attached to the table, you’re totally free your hands from holding your phone or tablet and watch videos comfortably.

  • Free your hands: With this lazy holder clamped to nightstand or headboard, you could enjoy a great book, watch Netflix lying comfortably.

  • Great for video recording: The gooseneck tablet stand is great for video recording or live streaming. With it's flexible arm, you could adjust it easily for a comfortable angle as you need.

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