Universal Phone Holder For Car Silicone Sucker Cell Phone Car Mount Windshield Mobile Phone Holder Stand Suction Stick Dashboard


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Product description

Silicone Sucker Carmount is able to adhere not only to smooth surface like your windscreen, but also attach itself firmly some textured surface like your dashboard.

Staying Power
Unobtrusive and distraction-free, the phone holder uses a new and improved super sticky pad that attaches to just about every flat surface. Slap it down on the dashboard or windshield and watch as it never comes off giving the holder - and your phone - extra stability for when you make those hairpin turns. After much use and the stickiness begins to lose its iron-like grip, make it as good as new by rinsing with warm water.

Capable of accommodating phones and other devices ranging from 2.1 inches to 3.5 inches wide, popular smartphones and GPS can have a place to stay while you're drifting and driving.

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