Universal Vertical Power Strip Outlets Socket


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Product information:
Rated current: 10A
Rated voltage: 250V
Rated power: 2500W
Cable length: 2 meters
Material composition: ABS material + conductor phosphor copper

Product Function Introduction:

3USB charger ports: 
Solves the problem of congested charger head when charging, not to worry about going out. The mobile phone charger is too large and not easy to carry. A data cable can solve the problem of charging the device. It is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, cameras, lamps, Bluetooth headsets, USB. Charge devices such as fans with USB interface.

Overload protection:
Red button is an overload protector. When the load is overloaded, it will
automatically power off, thus protecting the appliance. After removing the overload, press it to resume normal use.

Multiple AC sockets:
AC is vertically distributed on all four sides of the power strip, and the distance
between each socket is large to avoid congestion of the plug and safe use of

Power Switch:
Each floor has an independent control switch, the advantages of independent control switch: a variety of electrical appliances plug into the same socket at the same time, some electrical appliances need power supply, some electrical appliances need to power off, you can cut off the electrical appliances do not need power supply, at any time, do not affect the use of other electrical appliances; Reduce electrical standby power.

Universal outlet:
Compatible AU(3Pin),AU(2Pin),US(3Pin), US(2Pin),EU(4.8mm),JP(2Pin)/UK, South Africa and other specifications for plug use.(High-power plugs such as
Australia 16A and Greater South Africa cannot be used)

Package include:
1PCS Power Strip
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