USB 2.0 Extension Cable Male to Female 3M

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USB 2.0 Male to Female USB Cable 1.5m 3m 5m Extender Cord Wire Super Speed Data Sync Extension Cable For PC Laptop Keyboard

USB interface extension easily accessible

USB extension cable to solve the problem of desktop users plug everything in the desktop

Support multi-device connection
Charging the phone can be extended to support connection U disk, keyboard, mouse, card readers, printers, cameras, mobile hard disk to extend the use of computers.
With magnetic ring, magnetic ring is the role of anti-electromagnetic interference to reduce the transmission loss.
1.Cable Length 3M have magnetic ring
2. High purity nickel plug, reduce data loss, error signal;
3.USB female all-inclusive design, anti-oxidation, anti-interference, multi-layer shielding;
4.Plug used 24 hours salt spray test (nickel), improve product anti-salt spray corrosion resistance, increase product life;
5. Wire core conductor with high quality oxygen-free copper, increase the product signal transmission surface, extend product life;
6. Support multi-operating system, compatibility: Windows8 / 7/10 / Vista / XP / 2008/2003/2000/98 / Mac / Linux
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