High Speed USB 2.0 Type A To B Cable for Printer Data Cord 3.0M


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USB High Speed 2.0 A To B Male Cable for Canon Brother Samsung Hp Epson Printer Data Cord  3M

Detailed Description:

USB 2.0 Printer Scanner Cable,  USB Cable A Male-B Male
1.High-speed data transfer up to 480 Mbits/sec
2.Hot Pluggable; allows swapping of live devices
3.Compatible with any PC and Mac, or USB device
4.USB 2.0 is backward compatible with USB 
5.Supports up to 127 daisy-chained devices
6.Twisted-pair wires plus a foil and braid shield reduces interference and minimizes cross-talk for consistent high-speed and error-free data transfer
7.Connect a USB printer or any USB peripheral device to a PC at high-performance data transfer speed
 8.Link multiple USB compliant devices together



1.many types: USB AM to AM Cable, USB AM to BM, USB AM to Micro, USB to Mini 5Pin Cable, USB1.1, USB2.0, 3.0 
2.Friendly & ergonomic design, easily potable. Provide up to 500mA per port sufficient for diverse devices;
3. Twisted pairs copper make sure high transfer rates, eliminate Oxidation/Corrosion;
4. Foil and braid shielding reduces EMI/FRI interference, The structure of twisted-pair can reduce crosstalk to guarantee high-speed accurate data transmission and error-free data transfer;
5. The protection of aluminum foil mesh grid can reduce interference from electromagnetism and radio frequency.



 This cable is compliant with all USB 2.0 specifications
Backward compatible with USB 1.1 devices



Quality Control: 100% Open & Short Test, passed four tests
Voltage: DC300V 5M ohm/10ms
Insulation Resistance: 10MΩ Min
Contact Resistance: 2 ohm max

Working Temperature: -25C-80C

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